Odemon #310

Manectric ran across the field, using her high speed to avoid the shots of water from the Empoleon. When she was close enough she charged at the Emperor Pokemon and bashed her with a Wild Charge, knocking the penguin back. Empoleon wasn’t deterred and swirled water at the Discharge Pokemon, but Manectric resumed running.
A burst of water shot around Empoleon and she shot at Manectric with more speed than even the wolf had, slamming her with an Aqua Jet. Manectric skidded back but held on, charging electricity into the air to form a thundercloud. Manectric howled and sent a Thunder–er, attack, because actual Thunder is just sound, but Thunderbolt is a different move entirely–at Empoleon!

Definitely! The thundercloud definitely sent a Thunder attack at Empoleon!

Where was the figgin Thunder?
Empoleon hit Manectric with a surge of water and knocked her out.
Hey, what do you want from me? I was too busy writing this to make The Cloud shoot out lightning. *disappears with a poof*

-Odemon #310 Manectric

Odemon #126


-Odemon #126 Magmar

Odemon #672

1 Skiddo, 2 Skiddo, 3 Skiddo, 4 Skiddo, 5 Skiddo, 6 Skiddo, 7 Skiddo, 8 Skiddo, 9 Skiddo, 10 Skiddo, 11 Skiddo, 12 Skiddo, 13 Skiddo, 14 Skiddo, 15 Skiddo, 16 Skiddo, 17 Skiddo, 18 Skiddo, 19 Skiddo, 20 Skiddo, 21 Skiddo, 22 Skiddo, 23 Skidoo! *all the Skiddo book it*

-Odemon #672 Skiddo

Odemon #194

Woop, woop, woopah!
Woop, woop, woopah!
Upa, upa, upa!
WOOPER, the WOOT Pokemon. This Pokemon is adorable and anyone who sees it has to hug it. It is covered with a poisonous membrane that causes paralyzing pain when hugged. This is how Wooper hunts.
Therefore Wooper is the new master race. TAKE THAT, STUNKY

-Odemon #194 Wooper

Odemon #241 (with special guest Cthulhuigi)

“Welcome back to The Milk Argument! Today on the debate floor, we have two special guests.” The camera panned to the first podium. “Our first guest is Darvo Prower–why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself, Darvo!”
“Thanks, camera. I’m a chemical eng- *ahem* Scientist trainer class that specializes in HP Restoring Items and I’m here to put to rest some myths perpetuated by the Johto Miltank Lobby.”
“Fantastic, and for our second guest, you’ll be debating against–a Miltank!”
“Moo,” said Miltank.
“All right, Darvo, you’re up first to lay out your argument.”
“Moomoo Milk is often proclaimed to be the “healthiest” option for Pokemon, due to propaganda campaigns about the value of “natural” substances, which is frankly absurd when you consider these Miltank are regularly converted into energy and are stored in boxes. Any secretions they produce are no more natural than the refined berry juice going into Soda Pop and the Potion line of tonics. Moreover, the only reason Moomoo Milk is OCCASIONALLY the most affordable option to restore HP is because of massive subsidies given by the Johto League to keep tourism up.”
“All right, and Miltank, your response?”
The audience applauded and cheered.
“I’m going to need a citation on that,” Darvo said.
The audience applauded again, as did the camera. “Well, I think that settles it, Miltank is the winner of this debate! Join us next time when the debate will be: chocolate, or strawberry milk!”

-Odemon #241 Miltank

Odemon #757

A group of male Salandit brought piles of food to a few female ones, letting the females eat before them.
“This isn’t how things should be!” said a loon–er, lone Salandit. “Society should be structured in a different way. Consider the Clauncher–” The female Salandit ate the Clauncher. “You’re supposed to debate–” The female Salandit ate the annoying one.

-Odemon #757 Salandit

Odemon #76

What stumbles on four legs in the morning, gallops on four legs at noon, and gallops on four legs but also now it has a horn wow so different in the evening?

-Odemon #76 Ponyta

Odemon #331

C is for Cactus, because it’s a cactus, that’s why
A is for the Arid environment where they live–it’s dry!
C is for Cactus, because it hasn’t become anything else in the space of two lines
N is for the Needles, it’s pointier than pines
E is for Encheladas! and
A is for Arms. Its Needle Arms.

-Odemon #331 Cacnea

Odemon #105

Mandibuzz cackled at Marowak as she stole his bones. Not, like, the ones in his body, just some bones he’d been saving.
“Give those back!” Marowak shouted.
“Try and make me,” Mandibuzz said.
Marowak wound up his arm and hurled his Bonemerang at the Bone Vulture Pokemon. Mandibuzz screamed. “That bone can fly?” She flinched, but the bone sailed right through her. “Ah?” She laughed. “That bone is Ground move, it cannot hit me in the air!” She laugehd as she flew away.
Marowak growled. He had to change, become a new type that he could fight Mandibuzz with.
A Bounsweet popped up next to him. “Hi!”
Marowak screamed. “SCARY GRASS TYPE!” He became a Fire/Ghost type. “There now I’m safe.”
“But why the Ghost-typing?” Bounsweet asked.
“BECAUSE I’M BONES NOW LEAVE ME ALONE.” Marowak burnt Bounsweet away. Then Mandibuzz smacked him behind the head and stole more bones, laughing in the sky.
“Aha, I’m not a Ground-type anymore!” Marowak said. He hurled a Shadow Bone at Mandibuzz. It hit her.
“Ah, now you hit me, but I barely feel a thing, you bonehead!” Mandibuzz hit Marowak with Dark Pulse and knocked him out.

-Odemon #105 Marowak

Odemon #693

Taste and

-Odemon #693 Clawitzer