Odemon #283

Surskit walked along a pond. “Oh no! Danger! I sense danger!” She secreted a thick, sugary syrup from her head.
“I’m a bird, I’m a bird!” A Swellow landed near the pond. “Whoa, wait, what’s all this gross syrup? This stuff is gross. You’re gross. Stop being gross!” Swellow left.
“Phew I’m safe–”
An Ursaring ate Surskit. “Delicious!”

-Odemon #283 Surskit

Odemon #305

Drink plenty of water!
Eat plenty of iron!
Grow a strong body!
That’s the way of Lairon!
LA Iron! Los Angeles Iron!

-Odemon #305 Lairon

Odemon #527

“Woo! Woo! Woo woo!”
The other Woobat stared at the first one. “This isn’t how you woo somebody.”
“It’s all I know. Woo woo! Woo!”

-Odemon #527 Woobat

Odemon #110

I says, Hey, you, get off of my gas!
Hey, you, get off of my gas!
Hey, you, get off of my gas!
Don’t wheeze around ’cause three’s a crowd.

-Odemon #110 Weezing

Odemon #407

A Roserade by any other name doesn’t exist, it’s called Roserade in every language. Well, except Korean and Chinese, but those are still just transliterations of Roserade.

-Odemon #407 Roserade

Odemon #80

“Oh geeze, oh geeze.” Yanma repeatedly hit the refresh button on his computer. “I don’t like these results. No, wait they’re good! No, wait, it’s getting worse! I can’t handle this election!”
He looked at Slowbro, who stood staring at the computer the same way he would stare at a brick wall.
“How are you so calm all the time?” Yanma asked.
“Huh? Oh. The drugs help.”
Yanma shook his head. “Drugs? Wait, what drugs?”
The Shellder on Slowbro’s tail bit down.
“Ah yeah, that’s the stuff,” Slowbro said.

-Odemon #80 Slowbro

Odemon #493


-Odemon #493 Arceus

Odemon #342

Ultima Moon held up the Pokeball. “All right! I caught a Crawdaunt!”
“Who are you talking to?” Rotomdex asked.
“You.” She called out Crawdaunt. “Start recording its information.”
“Crawdaunt! The Rogue Pokemon. Its pincers often fall off. Unlike with Crawbrawler or Clauncher, the meat in its claws is utterly nasty and stinking.”
“Wait, how do you know that?” Ultima asked.
Rotomdex floated behind a bush and spat something out. “I dunno. Just do.”
“Wait, did you–” Ultima looked at Crawdaunt, who had one claw missing. It proceeded to smash Rotomdex with its remaining claw.

-Odemon #342 Crawdaunt

Odemon #673

Oh gourd can you imagine all the puns that will happen when gen 6 is added to Pokemon GO?
Pokemon GOgoat
And well okay that’s the only pun.
Go! Go! Gogoat, go!
Go somewhere! Gogoat, go!
Go! Go! Go, Gogoat!
Just keep going and going and going and Gogoat!
Gogoat, Gogoat
Go, go, gadget Gogoat!
Gogoat! Pass Go! Collect 200 yen!
I have a feeling that’s not all that much money actually.
But you can like. Buy a single Pokeball I guess.

-Odemon #673 Odemon

Odemon #678

One is supportive, the other will fight
One’s fur is dark, the other’s is light
One’s a prankster and the other’s competitive
One of them will die and the other will live
wait that turned dark

-Odemon #678 Meowstic