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Wandering Fortunes

Wandering Fortunes

WFtitleThey’re off to seek their fortune, off to jail, off to another planet, and he’s off his rocker if he thinks the princess will date him.

Everyone wants to belong, right? But everyone wants to stand out. That’s what friends Alden, Top, and Ropak are after when they leave their homes and set out on a journey to their planet’s capital. There they could be in company of the greats and show their own prowess. There they could show the world they’re really special, and find their place in the world. There be dragons, though, dragons in the form of a militarized mafia in control of a city.

Alden is a bookworm, a green scalago who has never been far from his family. He has spent his life reading about the big, far away world, but he never experienced it directly. Then his family’s life is turned askew when Top, a beach ball with a big heart and bigger teeth, jumped into their lives. Created by magic from a secretive tribe of mages, Top’s ridiculous, hyperactive attitude led them to send them away. Then when Ropak arrives, having left his close-knit, community-driven village of wrallots to find his place in the world, Alden becomes inspired to enter the world make a positive difference with his new friends. He’ll just have to work harder to balance Top’s negative difference from eating everything!

Through monsters in the alleys, a city that doesn’t want them, and a military owned by the mafia, Alden and his friends find that another planet my suit them better. However, there they get caught in an ancient rivalry and must wrestle dangerous decisions as emotions—and pizza—runs high.

“I’m a novel, you guys! Yeah! I’m totally in a novel! What’s a novel?” –Top

(Cover art by Daimyo-KoiKoi)

See Wandering Fortunes page for prog chapters available online.


SlubestitleAn anxious bundle of nerves–a slube named Numer–must save the world from an authoritative conqueror and a manipulative force of chaos. Numer and his friends beat The Conqueror once before, but with a diabolical new force causing mayhem, it’s anyone’s game.

One year ago, The Conqueror died, his plans stopped by three unassuming slubes. The happenstance hero Numer hoped to return to a quiet life after saving his world. He was even building the courage to admit his love to Cherry. But everything goes awry when an ancient demon is released from their prison and shatters the ancient crystal that had imprisoned them. Who would release a demon from its prison, though? A madman? A madwoman? Apparently!

As if that’s not enough, The Conqueror survived, and he’s taking matters into his own tentacles. Directly leading a band of ridiculous Mintop agents (his ranks reduced from his previous defeat), Conrad once more aims to take the ancient crystal to power his invasion force. Now there are three sides: one that wants to rebuild the crystal, one that wants to utilize its power, and one that wants to destroy it.

But not everything is as it seems. Just what is the extent of this demon’s power? And what’s with these giant beasts that keep appearing? Perhaps they hold some sort of secret. Perhaps Numer will go bananas (he’s yellow enough for it) trying to solve that mystery. Whatever they are, one thing becomes clear: It will not be so simple to save the world this time around. A sequel to the book Slubes, the manic presenter Duth Olec once more pulls readers and narrator Wally Plotch into a high-stakes and humorous story with a returning cast of crazy characters and all-new faces.

(Cover art by Eli Bock)

Ebook available on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo. Physical book available on Lulu. See Darmenzi page for a free preview.


SlubestitleWhen disaster falls, there are only three heroes who, well, know about it. It remains to be seen if they can do anything about it.

The planet Mintop is on the verge of invasion. Three slubes-distant relatives to slugs-find that an intergalactic conqueror is after a crystal of immense power in their town. According to legend, removal of this crystal has always led to a town-wide disaster. When it shatters in the sky, a race begins–the three slubes must rebuild the crystal before a new disaster takes place. That is, if one hasn’t already happened, as the space invader isn’t about to lose such a powerful artifact and aims to stop their collectathon.

Numer, the happenstance hero with a nervous disposition, Cherry, the strong-tailed martial artist, and Professor Zeth, the well-meaning but careless inventor. These three semi-heroes must overcome The Conqueror’s obstacles if they are to save their planet from the disaster of an intergalactic invasion.

The debut novel of Duth Olec and perplexed narrator Wally Plotch chronicling tales of the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos, and the first of two novels in the Nottle Crystal series.

(Cover art by Eli Bock)

Available as paperback on Amazon and ebook on Smashwords. Both formats available at Barnes & Noble. Available as an ebook on iTunes. Preview available on Slubes page. Somewhere else you want to buy Slubes? It might be there! Just ask, I’ll try to get it.

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