Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos Comics

Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmail

Characters of the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos answer YOUR emails, usually in the most ridiculous way possible. Any character, any question! Just send them to me at and I’ll be sure they’ll get passed along to the character. Currently updating sporadically, although donations to my Ko-fi might speed things up. Until then I’ll announce when a new one will come and I’ll take new questions, keep checking updates for that.

Other Comics

Pokemon Moon Comic

A comic based on my playthrough of Pokemon Moon. Watch as my team grows and changes and generally cause trouble! Currently ongoing, updates very sporadically. Gallery can be found here.

Miscellaneous Comics

These are random one-off comics I made for one reason or another.

Hypnosisnakerotica+Romance Comics


These are just comics related to my erotic/kink romance works.