Set of new profiles

I’ve been putting this off for a while but I finally got around to doing the rest of the profiles for Wandering Fortunes. We have two locations, the Thraundlus Kingdom and the planet Derantu, two species, fustornises and then various wild animals of Derantu, and one character, King Eintandus 4.

My new project focus continues to move along at a steady pace. I wonder if there’s a way to have two separate blog/update pages on this website? Then I could have this one for the CCC and a separate section to update and post about that project. I don’t want people to see it if they don’t want to, but my higher success in that tells me to focus on it more.

New Location Profile for New Zhopolis

The huge city of New Zhopolis from Wandering Fortunes has an entry now! It’s a long one, detailing the city’s layout quite a bit, and it was even longer at first but I realized it’s not yet time to dive into some of the city’s history. Things will come to light in the future. For now, if a picture’s worth a thousand words, I think I made a pretty good map here.

I kind of haven’t done much of any work this week due to what happened a week ago, but next week I’m going to get back to work. More details at the beginning of November!

Location profile for Mintop

A blast from the past that I promise is in the future, next week I am going to work on getting where I need to be to get Darmenzi to a finished state.

But for today, we have a page on the planet Mintop. I figured now that we have other planets in play there should be some pages on them, as well. The other planets will get their pages when more is shown in the current story.

PS $3+ patrons get to read the next chapter today.

Location Profile: Interp

The other big island in the area alongside Hackney—and perhaps the more important one, though not in the novel Slubes—is Interp. It’s roughly the same size as Hackney, but more oval in its shape with no peninsulas. In the center of the island and taking up half its space is the vast city of Interpolis, while off a cliff face to the west is Shellport. Two beaches lay to the north and south—to the south, the popular tourist destination of Sandy Beach, and to the north, the unpopular nobody’s destination of Rocky Beach (which is made of very craggy, exposed stone).

Click for more on Interpolis and Shellport

Location Profile: Hackney

There’s one thing you should know going into this: I am not going to explain where the name came from. I haven’t a single clue where I came up with that. Apparently there’s a London borough of the same name, though, but neither that nor horses have anything to do with the island Hackney.

So, Hackney is an island. I already said that. It’s where the majority of Slubes takes place, and is divided into a west and east half. The west half has the village of Nottle and a volcano called Mt. Dynamo, and the east half features Gelago City, Reptibia Rainforest, and an old manor that is unkempt and overgrown but with a manor house that is kept fairly clean by its residents, the ghostly spiest (hence its title of Spiest Manor). Oh yeah there’s this feature that cuts off the post on the main index page thingy, forgot about that.

What is Slubes and the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos?

So I’ve talked about my book Slubes somewhat so far, but even in “The Next Big Thing” Blog Hop post I didn’t really get into it. So, just what is the world of Slubes, and by extension, the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos?

Slubes (rhymes with tubes) takes place in a universe that is not called the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos, because universes don’t have names. We don’t even know if there are other universes! This universe may just be the daydream of a lounging slube, and of course his universe is just the madcap tales conjured up by a goofball in a wizard hat who happens to live in the universe that slube is daydreaming about. HA HA INFINITY IS FUNNY GUYS

Yes, this whole thing will be this scattered. →