Pokemon Moon Comic 125: Dirty Tactics

Aether guy: Intruder spotted! Me: I'M NOT AN INTRUDER I WAS INVITED EARLIER Aether guy: *sends out Dugtrio* Me: ALSO YOUR DUGTRIO IS DIGGING THROUGH YOUR NICE CLEAN METAL FLOOR. Sandy: Well, maybe not so clean no more.

Pokemon Moon Comic 124: Return Option

*at Aether Paradise* Aether lady: Seems like things are getting pretty crazy around here. Do you want to go back to Malie? Me: You're just trying to get me to leave so I don't save Lillie! *shoves her into the water and runs away* nehhhhhh

Pokemon Moon Comic 123: Losing the Plot

Nanu: ps i'm a kahuna so battle me/Duth: Oh yeah, I forgot about them./Duth: Plus like a week ago that Steel guy at the observatory mentioned something weird about the Kahuna going on./Duth: This game isn't good at keeping plot mechanics relevant./Duth: That or I'm just bad at paying attention.

Pokemon Moon Comic 122: Angry Gladion

gladion is funny to write

Pokemon Moon Comic 121: Roof

I’m not entirely sure where my thought process was going with this one but maybe it’s better that way

By the way, 2021 retrospective should come in a couple weeks.

Pokemon Moon Comic 120: Ice Stone

look at this cool sandslash

Pokemon Moon Comic 119: Zygarde

This is basically how I treat every special or legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Moon Comic 118: Sucker Punch

now that’s what i call a sucker punch

Pokemon Moon Comic 117: Brushing Incineroar


Comics page!

After months, or maybe it was a year, of putting it off, I’ve put together a page for comics. Most of it is the Pokemon Moon comic, which gets its own page because there’s so dang many of ’em, but there’s also the one Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmail comic and a couple miscellaneous ones.

also a hypnosisnakerotica one