Hypnosisnakerotica and Romance

Introduction–if you don’t know what this is, check this first!

Generally all these stories are pretty SFW! I’ll mention if something gets a little deeper into graphic territory but for the most part it would not be difficult to adapt much of this int a wholly non-erotica telling.

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Important note: Many of the scenarios depicted in these stories should not be done in real life! All stories are fantasy, and I do not endorse carrying out anything depicted in these stories without consent! Often this stuff isn’t even feasible in real life, but, just, listen, consent is important. Don’t hypnotize someone without their consent. Don’t do anything to anyone without their consent, really. Don’t trap someone in a hotel closet and hypnotize them without their consent. If you both agree on plans for one of you to go into a hotel room then the other follow later and play trap them in a closet and hypnotize them, this scenario previously agreed upon and followed throughout without any unspoken deviation, with proper safe words and precautions set in place, then that is A. Fine as long as both are consenting adults, B. Awesome, and C. Actually pretty impressive considering the planning and work that’d go into it.

All characters in any story on this page are 18+

New! Pretty-Eyed Peer Pressure
When a lamia welcomes you to her tree, you should be polite. Intern reporter Belle was rude–much ruder than Mira’s previous guest, Wren. Perhaps Mira can show her how happier Wren is being polite…

Character List
Lamias, snakes, magical creatures, many of which can hypnotize you! Check out the cast of characters you’ll see in these stories and their beautiful art by an array of artists!

Microstory Collections
These are usually shorter than the other stories and have minimal editing done, meant to test ideas or write something out quick. Sometimes characters are generic, sometimes they’re existing ones, and sometimes they graduate to full character status later.
2022 Microstory Collections
2021 Microstory Collections
2020 Microstory Collections
2019 Microstory Collection

Lamia Pathsways
Split timeline story based on DIsney’s Jungle Book, replacing Kaa the snake with a lamia (or several).

Long Distance Long Girlfriend
Lila’s first video chat with her online partner brings her to a significant decision: reveal to them she’s a lamia. She holds their gaze in light hypnosis, and with bated breath, lifts the blanket…

Second Date
On your second date with Lila, you’re too nervous to let things go too fast, but Lila has ways of helping you relax…

Dream Staycation Hotel
Why wear yourself out traveling? Rest and relax in soft, pampered comfort while on exciting adventures in fantastic locales! Just let an attendant wrap you securely and look into their eyes…

Lost and Friend
Raffle prize for Drabit! The tale of how Drabit and Hiss met, wholesomely devious.

Snakey Business
Businesswoman-turned-jungle-stranded Karen is not having a good day. From thieves to quicksand to snakes to gods, she’ll need to keep her wits about her if she’s to keep her wits at all.

Two Minds, Two Eyes
Xipilcoatl the snake comes across a human rather of two minds about most things. It would be so much simpler if they followed just one mind–Xipil’s. They prove at least halfway stubborn, though…

The Colors of Hypnosis
A microstory for every color!

A Reporter’s Loop Scoop
Investigative reporter Belle is out to get the scoop on lamias! When she meets the lamia Enna up a tree, though, she quite literally discovers more than she bargained for…

Song of Scales and Secrets Ch. 1
What if you had a secret identity to reveal to your partner that could change everything, for better or worse? Lila and Sian have been dating for a while, and Lila is finally ready to show him: she’s a lamia. But when he learns this he freaks out, putting their entire relationship in danger. Now Lila must keep everything from crashing down around them, if Sian can think straight…
Song of Scales and Secrets Ch. 2
Lila has calmed Sian down enough to where they can have a conversation, but she still has to convince him she’s still herself. As it’s made known she has hypnotic powers, Sian swallows his fear and gives her a chance, and that leads to her leading him in a dance.
Song of Scales and Secrets Ch. 3 (Note: slightly NSFW in parts, nothing explicit)
Come sway so closely, come sway along,
Just relax, please, listen to my song,
I’ll hold you gently, I’ll hold you strong,
In my arms, and, then, my tail so long.
You can see, in my eyes I’ll, make you feel soothed,
You can rest, in my coils, the rough edges smoothed,
And I know, it caused a scare, so strange, so new,
But just know, no matter what, I will always still, love you . . .

Led Lost by the Lamia Ch. 1
A human seeks a vacation. A lamia seeks a mate. And a narrator seeks a good story. The human will get a vacation from his senses, and the lamia will have her confidence shaken… and the narrator will be a jerk.
Led Confusing the Lamia Ch. 2
How did I meet Mira? What were the circumstances behind our deal? Find out in this prequel chapter where we match wits and taunts!
Led Found by the Lamia Ch. 3
Despite having caught a lover, Mira’s confidence is at an all-time low. To prove to herself her own merits she releases Sean and hunts him down again, giving him a chance to escape she’s not about to let him take.

Coil Class: Lamias on a Plane
There’s a new class on planes: coil class! Wren is excited to see the big electromagnetic coils, only to discover the coils are the coils of lamias, which Wren is afraid of. Will they get out of this, or find they’d much rather stay in it…?

Ode to a Lamia

Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos April Fool’s 2020 Special