You can contact me via email by typing in dutholec@ and then ending with this website, I used to use a Yahoo email address but I no longer do, so any emails sent there will be forever ignored/not reach anything as I deleted the account. I’m on Discord as DuthOlec#8125, just keep in mind I’m no good at small talk and won’t talk much.

Here’s where else you can find me on the internet:

Twitter: I got a Twitter because apparently those are useful things for a writer to have. I usually use it to toss out random short thoughts I have, like Hamukkah. You can see the recent Tweets on the front page so why am I telling you about this?

Hypnosisnakerotica Twitter: The much more popular Twitter where I post hypnosisnakerotica stuff. 18+ only!!!!!!

Hypnosisnakerotica DeviantArt: This is where I firs started posting the erotica/romance, the website is bad but I still post on it.

Smashwords Profile: You can find available e-books I’ve written here.

Ko-fi: I have a Ko-fi, if you wanna give me money

Deviantart page: For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to do a Pokemon comic in my downtime for a game playthrough. It turned out to be pretty correct!

Duth Olec Youtube: Personal Youtube channel with mostly video game stuff

Duth Olec Wikipedia Page: There’s not one there yet. But someday… someday… Did you mean: Dutch Ole??????????? (UPDATE: searching for duth olec now brings up “dutch oleg”, I dunno peeps)

Here are areas on the internet you can find me but which I never go to:

Mastodon: I mean I sometimes go there but not really…

Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos Mastodon: Can’t say I use this. I had a Twitter one too that lasted about as long.

Wattpad: Don’t use this.

Medium: Stopped using this a long time ago

Skype: what’s skype

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