You can contact me via email by typing in dutholec and then ending with I used to use a Yahoo email address but I no longer do, so any emails sent there will be forever ignored/not reach anything as I deleted the account. I’m on Discord as DuthOlec, and on Skype as either Duth Olec or Topmonhit I forget which and I never have it open or on a computer so you’re not likely to reach me there anyway! If you want me to join your Discord server keep in mind that I will ruin it. But in a good way!

Here’s where else you can find me on the internet:

Mastodon: I got a Mastodon for the same reasons as Twitter except Twitter is kind of bad. Mastodon is also kind of bad but in different and better ways!

Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos Mastodon: Characters of the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos post to social media! Weird results!

Twitter: I got a Twitter because apparently those are useful things for a writer to have. I usually use it to toss out random short thoughts I have, like Hamukkah. You can see the recent Tweets on the front page so why am I telling you about this?

Smashwords Profile: You can find available e-books I’ve written here.

Lulu Author Spotlight: You can find available physical books I’ve written here.

Patreon: How’d you like to give me five bucks? You can pledge/donate/give money monthly here if you’d like, and you can get cool stuff (read: ice cubes??) in return!

Ko-fi: How’d you like to give me five coffees? You can donate a one-time amount of money here and get special copies of my books, signed and with a bookmark, or other neat stuff.

Wattpad: Monthly chapters are posted there along with this website, if you wanna read them there for some reason.

Medium: Monthly chapters are posted there along with this website. Don’t worry, you’ll never need to buy a Medium account to see them, because that’s dumb.

Deviantart page: For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to do a Pokemon comic in my downtime for a game playthrough. It turned out to be pretty correct!

Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos Youtube: The official Youtube channel for the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos, where videos related to the CCC will be uploaded

Duth Olec Youtube: My personal Youtube channel that will have videos unrelated to the CCC

Facebook page: NEVEEEEEEEEER!!!!!
(Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what that link might go to.)

Duth Olec Wikipedia Page: There’s not one there yet. But someday… someday… Did you mean: Dutch Ole??????????? (UPDATE: searching for duth olec now brings up “dutch oleg”, I dunno cleeps)

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