Odemon #572

Dust, mop, wipe, clean!
Minccino’s gonna make it gleam!
Sweep, swab, polish, broom!
When finished it’s gonna need to groom.

-Odemon #572 Minccino

Odemon #545


-Odemon #545 Scolipede

Odemon #140

“Hey, four eyes!”
Kabuto stared with the beady eyes atop its shell and the big, red eyes below it. “Yes?”

-Odemon #140 Kabuto

Odemon #193

If you’re strong
You can fly
You can reach the other side
Of the rainbow
It’s all right
Take a chance
Cause there is no circumstance
That you can’t handle
When you flap your wings
Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom (Doing only twenty damage)
Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom (When you learn it, a good attack at Yanma’s stage)

-Odemon #193 Yanma

Odemon #406

Roses are red
Budew is green
I know it’s a bud
But it looks like a bean

-Odemon #406

Pokemon Moon Comic 104: Show Your Moves

everyone’s favorite sun/moon character finally appears, captain falcon

Odemon #401

Kricketot, Kricketot,
Growl and Bide
Make a noise
Wait a time
Kricketot, Kricketot,
Where did you get
That metronome?

-Odemon #401 Kricketot

Odemon #528


S is for sweet, like homemade pie
W is for wings that we use to fly high
O is for oval. Our noses aren’t ovals. They’re hearts.
O I already went over. Let’s not repeat parts.
B is for babe, which you totally be.
A is for Attract which we learn naturally.
T is for tomatoes. What? I just like tomatoes.

How do I love thee? I would count the ways, but I’m not a vampire bat so I don’t have a counting obsession. Let’s just make out instead.


-Odemon #528 Swoobat

Odemon #657

Bubble scarf
Clean fashion
Wet but filled with air
Stick out your tongue
Lick it off
Now what scarf will you wear?

-Odemon #657 Frogadier

Odemon #783

Clanging scales! Battle shout!
It’s Hakamo-o, there’s no doubt!
Battle fierce, battle loud!
Of battle scars on scales it’s proud!
Broken scales? It’s not so rough,
They’ll grow back stronger soon enough!

-Odemon #783 Hakamo-o