Odemon #59

Bark, Bark, Barkcanine
Running so very fast
Bark, Bark, Barkcanine
Your stamina can last
Bark, Bark, Barkcanine
Your heavy trod makes quakes
Bark, Bark, Barkcanine
How do you turn on the brakes?

-Odemon #59 Arcanine

Odemon #683

Oscar the Trubbish and Phones the Phione walked and bounced through the small city of Pokemon. Oscar looked at Phones. He couldn’t quite figure her out, but he didn’t need to. She was just on her own wavelength, which was fine with him because it meant she didn’t care about his smell. She was a rebel. Maybe she liked putrid smells? She seemed to look for excitement, anyway. She didn’t take anything from anyone, either.
Oscar on the other hand took abuse from everyone. No one had ever liked him due to his horrid smell. So he wouldn’t question Phones. She hung out with him; that was good enough for him.
“Yo, O-dawg,” Phones said. “Don’t look now, but looks like some fool’s following us.”
Oscar turned around. “There is?” A mess of pinkish feathers walked behind them: an Aromatisse.
“I said don’t look,” Phones said.
The Aromatisse stopped. They then walked closer. “Ah. Yes. Apologies, but I seek advice from you, Herr Unratütox.”
“Uh?” Oscar said.
“Sorry, what is the name? Trubbish, yes?”
“My name’s Oscar.”
“Ah. Oscar. I am a purveyor of odors of all kinds: sweet, foul, fragrant, putrid… but your scent is stronger than anything I’ve ever smelled. I wish to know how you make it.”
“I wish I could know, too,” Oscar said. “Then I could stop.”
“Perhaps I could conduct some experiments,” Aromatisse said. “Find out what makes you smell.”
“I dunno ’bout this,” Phones said.
“No worries,” said the Aromatisse. They removed a bonesaw from their feathers, and Oscar and Phones stepped back. “I promise it will only hurt a little bit.”

-Odemon #683 Aromatisse

New Profile for the Salenth Kingdom

I’ve put up the profile for the Salenth Kingdom, one of two major scalago kingdoms on Derantu and the setting for the second half of Wandering Fortunes. It’s a pretty nice place, actually!

Odemon #334

Light sing
Cotton wing
Soft hue
Sky blue
Cloudy hug
Gently snug
Fluffy shawls

-Odemon #334 Altaria

Odemon #430

Lanter the Chinchou sat at the edge of a pond, fishing. This was despite the fact the pond was too small to actually support any fish life, but that was what he told people he did if they asked. It sounded better than “trying to avoid interaction with other Pokemon”.
Not that anyone ever did ask.
Something black and shabby splashed into the pond. Lanter jumped back and slipped on his small feet, sliding into the pond.
Lanter saw a Murkrow flail in the lake, swearing to themself under their breath. The Murkrow splattered their way to shore, shaking water off their feathers. Lanter watched from under the pond, unnoticed, as the Murkrow glanced about as if watching for someone.
“Lookin’ for me, youse worm?”
Murkrow squawked and flapped back. “Boss Krow!”
A Honchkrow watched Murkrow from a tree branch. “You weren’t thinking of gettin’ away from me, was youse?”
Murkrow shook their head. “No, no, no, of course not, Boss Krow, I was just out, I was tryin’a get ‘dat Porygon’s head like you said–”
Boss Krow smacked Murkrow across teh face. “My intel was tellin’ me youse found ‘dat Porygon but let it go wit’out a fight. You tryin’a make me look a fool?”
“No, of course not!” Murkrow said. “I was just—You don’t understand, it–”
Boss Krow gashed Murkrow, and the bird fell to the pond. “You don’t ever tell me I don’t understand something, got it?” He pushed Murkrow’s head into the pond with a foot. The bird flailed under Boss Krow. “You’d be sleepin’ with the fishes, but this pond don’t seem big enough to support any fish. That’s what youse deserve. Sleepin’ with ‘da stagnant water.”
Murkrow stopped flailing and lay lifeless in the water. Without another glance Boss Krow walked off.
Lanter didn’t leave the pond for another whole hour just in case Boss Krow or another Murkrow came back and thought he’d seen it all. If anybody asked, he hadn’t.

-Odemon #430 Honchkrow

Odemon #27

A family of Sandshrew trekked through the hot, dry desert. They stopped and one lay on the ground, listening.
“This spot will do. Start digging.”
The Sandshrew dug into the ground to burrow out a new home. Soon the ground rumbled and water burst up from the ground, throwing the Sandshrew into the air.
“Darnit,” said the Sandshrew who’d listened to the ground, “I could’ve sworn there was no water here. Let’s get out of here, everyone! We gotta keep looking.”

-Odemon #27 Sandshrew

Odemon #369

“We previously believed this Pokemon had gone extinct, but we discovered specimens at the bottom of the sea, unchanged for one hundred million years, except for its teeth atrophying apparently. We have named this Pokemon ‘Relicanth’.”
What is the meaning behind that name?
“The name ‘Relicanth’ means ‘Hey, remember that guy named Pelicanth who discovered this Pokemon still existed? I’m glad he named it after himself so we’d always remember him!’ It’s a true story, too.”
Why has this Pokemon not changed in so long?
“We believe it has not changed because Relicanth is already a perfect life-form.”
“I’LL be the judge of that!” King Dedede burst into the press conference and grabbed the microphone. “Think you’re so perfect, Relicanth? Think again! I’m already perfect, and you don’t look anything like me. So let’s settle this! Come on up to Mt. Dedede for the prize fight to decide who really is perfect! Oh, can’t get up a mountain because you can’t leave the sea? Who’s perfect now, fishy?” Dedede dropped the mike and walked offstage.

-Odemon #369 King Dedede i mean Relicanth

Odemon #778

Once upon a time there lived a lonely little imp. Nobody cared for it; it was so ugly and horrifying that everyone shunned it. This imp wanted to be popular, like the cool popular kid in town. The imp discovered a way to steal the body of someone with magic, and so they gathered the ingredients to cast this spell. But the spell was wrong, and rather than give the body to the imp an evil spirit took control of it, while the popular kid was turned into a bug. As the evil spirit proceeded to attack the town, the imp apologized profusely and joined the cool kid bug to stop the evil spirit and get the popular cool their body back. As the bug kid distracted the evil spirit the imp got in position and scared the evil spirit right out of that body, allowing the cool kid to return to it. The imp began to leave when the cool kid stopped it. While they were a bug they could create silk, and they used that to knit a costume for the imp. A costume of the cool kid. Now the imp could be a cool kid, too. The imp was so happy and joined the Pokemon in the town, proving to be a good friend and an invaluable ally. The end.

-Odemon #778 Mimikyu

Odemon #628

Godtyranitar stood on G’s feet after being knocked down. G wasn’t going to take that lying down, and G charged back to hit King Hydreigon.
Meanwhile with the human drama, the humans sat in a car staring across the massive gap in the road caused by Godtyranitar’s fall.
“Now how are we getting out of here?” asked human.
“I fight for my friends!” Braviary shouted, flying at the giant monster fight. And no, it wasn’t a Rodan-sized Braviary, it was just a normal-sized 1.5 meter Braviary going to go fight Pokemon Kaiju.
“Wait, Braviary!” said human. “Don’t fight for us! We have a better way you can help us!”
Anyway that’s how Braviary got stuck carrying an entire car in B’s talons across a huge gap.
“I should be carrying this car into battle!” Braviary said.

-Odemon #628 Braviary

New! Wandering Fortunes Chapter 25: Top Chef

Top is a chef in the new Wandering Fortunes chapter! Top had some plans earlier, and now those plans come to fruition… or should I say, pizzaion? No because I don’t even know how to pronounce that.

Wandering Fortunes Chapter 25: Top Chef

Top’s opened up T’s own restaurant, and though business is slow, when T gets a customer things just might blow up in T’s face if T isn’t careful! Will Top’s friends make sure Top’s new restaurant doesn’t get closed down?

By the way I’m experimenting with using pronouns based on people’s names, *name*ly just using the first letter of their name. I dunno how it’ll go but it’s gotta be better than forcing discussions about gender…