Odemon #382

Global warming. An iceberg of a catastrophe. Well, a melting iceberg. It’s a slow monolith of a problem, but it’s speeding up. A solution has to be found now.
And now one has.
Leading leaders have announced the capture of the rare legendary Pokemon “Kyogre”. Research shows Kyogre has the ability to create storms. With enough rain and cloud cover the planet will be cooled, and disaster will be averted.
“What about rising sea levels?”

-Odemon #382 Kyogre

The Rig Veda: Creationism

I’ve been going through my old college textbooks of stories and other written works from various English classes. We never looked at everything in them, which in retrospect means what we read was largely up to the views of the professor, but now that I don’t have to discuss it or write about it and can just read it on my own time, I want to go through everything! But I’m reading other authors and books too so I’m going through it pretty slowly, but I finished the Odyssey sometime last year, which was the last thing in this textbook I read. Then I put Top in it!

So according to this the Rig Veda is part of the Vedas, the sacred texts of Hindus in India. The Rig Veda is partly about the origin of the universe, and it discusses questions about before the gods and how they didn’t create the universe and the origin and stuff.

In this day and age creationists might say, “what was there before humans? what was there before the universe? it was GOD.” And maybe someone will respond, “What was before god?” And a creationist might say, “THERE WAS NO BEFORE GOD GOD WAS FOREVER”

Glad to see Hindus thought about it 3000 years ago.

It’s 2019, is it still cool to even talk about creationists? I mean, it’s about a decade after I read this stuff for college, and now I do want to write about what I’m reading, so I’m not going to let something like timeliness stop me!

Odemon #416

Vespiquen, commander of bees
Attack! Defend!
Heal! Pretend!
Has them put on a play for gaieties

-Odemon #416 Vespiquen

New Species Profile for Fiscet

Dang, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Even though Wandering Fortunes is now at the planet Derantu, there’s one last Zhop species that never got put up, so here’s the fiscet. Only one appears in Wandering Fortunes, and it’s a minor appearance at that, but they exist anyway.

Odemon #435

Roses are red
They can also be pink
But they are all wilted
Because of your stink
No matter ’cause fire
Burns them apart
Shot out from your tail
Like a big stinky… oh, you know.

-Odemon #435 Skuntank

Pokemon Moon Comic 102: Electric Trial 1

all video game quizzes that don’t rhyme are disappointing to me

Odemon #754

“Uh oh.” Lurantis saw a Vivillon coming. “Oh, hello there, fellow Bug-type Pokemon!
“What?” Vivillon landed on a branch. “You’re a bug, too?”
“Yes, certainly, I am definitely am a bug!”
Vivillon leaned forward. “You smell like a flower.”
“Nope, I am a bug, I’ve just been, eating lots of flowers lately.”
“Huh. Okay! Well, bye!” Vivillon flew away.
“Phew,” Lurantis said, “that was a close–” A Fearow swooped down and ate them.

-Odemon #754 Lurantis

Odemon #739

This is how the story of Crabrawler goes
Alone at the bottom their life was woes
But they had a dream to reach the top
Stand tall above everyone and never stop
Despite dizzying depths they went out
And beat Buneary in their first bout
Their Dizzy Punch then did unfurl
Even beating Spinda, the panda of twirl
They got Dynamic and threw a Punch
To beat Machop and the rest of the bunch
Golett no problem, they hammered down
And rose the ranks in this fighting town
They Powered Up their Punch to beat the aura
Past Lucario their name did soar a-
-round the world and soon they faced
The boxing champ whose fists made haste
But Hitmonchan couldn’t stop their rise
Crabrawler won and took the prize
They stood up taller than all the rest
This crab proved that they were the best
But then a challenger, through a portal
Came Buzzwole here to fight this mortal
Crabrawler was prepared to fight this beast
But dissater struck to say the least
Crabrawler fought so often and hard
Their pincers detached, catching them off-guard
But quickly calling for a time-out
To wait another day for the bout
Crabrawler trained and with proper maintenance
Their claws grew back; the fight could commence
Crabrawler defended and threw a punch
But Buzzwole laughed, it was not much
The giant bug was just too strong
Crabrawler couldn’t keep it up for long
A strategy they needed quick
To stay on top and not be licked
To stay on top–yeah, that’s the way
Crabrawler skittered back into the fray
They dodged a punch then up they climbed
Atop Buzzwole’s head they were primed
To win it all with scathing taunt
They dared Buzzwole; Crabrawler’s vaunt
Did the trick and Buzzwole punched
And just before the crab was lunch
They went against their natural urge
And leapt straight down to the winner emerge
As Buzzwole punched not the crab; instead
They knocked out cold their own head
Buzzwole fell, Crabrawler climbed on
Declared the winner of Pokemon
Climbed to the highest of the ranks
This story’s now over, so, thanks

-Odemon #739 Crabrawler

Odemon #437

A group of Grass Pokemon approached Bronzong and bowed. “Oh great Bronzong, the rains have stopped. Can you bring us water?”
“Uhh. Okay.” Bronzong opened a portal and a flood of water surged out. It stopped for a moment before a Wailmer flew out, followed by a Frillish and Huntail and other sea Pokemon.

-Odemon #437 Bronzong

Odemon #303

Little cutie
Innocent face
Docile manner
Moves with grace
People see it
Come the d’aws
Turn around

-Odemon #303 Mawile