Character Profile: Sal

Sal is a snake. No, really, he’s an actual snake–no appendages, long, green, striped body… he’s got a big, a HUGE head with a mouth that could swallow a television set whole. His eyes sit on two cones atop his head, a shape mirrored on the bottom half. He’s got triangle-shaped eyes, too, striped green, and, really, his entire body is just striped green.

Sal’s size belies his attitude, but his attitude belies his prowess. He’s kind of a doofus. He acts foolish and makes a lot of stupid remarks, but he’s no fool—he can actually be quite clever and is quicker to trick than to be tricked. Still, he’s a bit of a nutty goof. He’s got some tricks up his skin, though—first, The Conqueror’s gene splicer multiplied his size to 9 meters long, and it also gave him the ability to spit up acid that can quickly dissolve even stone.

Sal is 8 years old in Slubes, 9 years old in Darmenzi (although his age closer to 32 in snake years).

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