Society Salad

Human society is awful sometimes. Awful what, you ask? Shaddup. Point is, there’s a lot to fault, from economics to politics to eugenics to hics, so let’s get cracking!

Technology of the Future-2015/7/3

“Anyway, I think technology may have hit its peak about a decade ago, and it’s time for everyone to strap in for the long, steady decline of everything becoming dumb and designed by idiots for the sole purpose of selling crap to people who no longer know how to live without it. aka: CAPITALISM??”

On Indiana Health Insurance-2014/3/25

[Duth] “so: indiana is a terrible state for someone to live. It’s somewhere between uncertainty and ill.”
[Online Pal] “bad day eh?”
[Duth] “Talking with a guy who can’t get Medicaid and can’t get the tax credit to lower premiums through the marketplace and is looking to me for guidance while I don’t have a single clue what he should do because he’s in a gap between self-sufficient and Makes a Living off of Selling Internal Organs is bad, yes.”

On the American Diet-2014/3/22

[Online Pal] “american honey is basically glucose”
[Duth] “um, american FOOD is basically glucose, grease, high fructose corn syrup, and red 20, white 20, blue 10”

Regarding Hell-2014/3/11

“I’m assuming that it’s mind over matter, and there is literally no more matter, so I can’t see how it would be that hard. Just check your watch every few minutes, and when you realize a minute ago it said 12:30 and now the minute hand has turned into a poisonous snake, realize you’re lucid dreaming, or possibly lucid deadening, and poof up a biplane to fly yourself away from the horrors.
“Anyway, just gotta have a positive attitude. It’s like voting for a third party. If you say voting for a third party is a waste of a vote, then it will be. If you say it isn’t a waste, it still will be, but then if EVERYONE says it’s not a waste, then it won’t be. So the lesson is clear: in hell, cut off your arms and replace them with high-caliber weapons. I mean, the place has got to have a pretty big arms trafficking black market. This is the part where I compare it to Mexico.”

Regarding the Free Market-2014/1/27

“The free market has spoken, and it says that it is no longer a free market. It demands cash sacrifice, or cashrifice.”

Regarding Finding a First Job-2013/6/18

“The universe is built on recursive loops. Unfortunately, I’m always out of the loop.”

Elite of the Elite-2012/9/15

“Rick Santorum says conservatives will never have the ‘elite smart people’ on their side. But the elite dumb people are totally up for grabs!”

Regarding Healthcare Costs-2012/9/2

“An apple a day keeps the headache away; namely, the headache that arises from the cost of a visit to the doctor.”

Actually About Money in Politics-2012/8/2

“If performance enhancers are frowned upon in the Olympics, why not in another competition held every 4 years–the US presidential race?”

Country Happiness-2012/4/19

“Today in class I learned Denmark’s society and economy are based on happiness, and the US’ society and economy are based on unhappiness.”

On Marriage-2011/7/19

“Marriage is a pox on our society. That must be why there are so many people out there trying to prevent those who may be ‘disadvantaged’ from falling to it.”

Regarding Current Events-2011/7/12

“I get kinda ranty when I read anything happening in the real world basically.”

On Parenting-2011/7/5

“Parents aren’t usually qualified to be parents, I am pretty sure that if parents had to take a qualifying exam to be parents not only would there be less screw-ups in the world but we would also solve our overpopulation problem. We could call it ‘The War on Childrens’.”

On Education-2011/7/2

“There are people out there who want to restrict the free flow of ideas though (because such things are dangerous to their goals of stupidity)”

On American Politics-2011/6/22

“I thought politicians weren’t supposed to be articulate.”

On the Origin of Life-2011/6/7

“I’d rather come out of slime than a loving cremator, slime is cool.”

Were You There?-2011/6/7


On Evidence of God-2011/6/4


Regarding Daylight Savings Time-2011/6/1

“‘Ooh, let’s disrupt sleeping schedules and have a dubious effect on lots of things that are important so people can get an extra hour of sunlight and we can ward off vampires easier!!'”

On Television-2011/5/21

“TV: Because beforehand the average person had 80% less explosion in their life.”


“iAnything, the only iThing you’ll ever iNeed!”

Satire of Nonsensical Conservative Website[s]-2011/1/27

“Communism is the work of the atheistic jewish gays attempting to corrupt our capitalism and steal our children’s. No one is sure what it is our children own that they want to steal but many theories have been put out, including, but not unlimited to: Their bible, their family values, their God, their Jesus, their pittance, their slice of the apple pie, their free[ly owned by the corporate god] will, their innocence [read: their only knowledge being what we tell them], the clothes off their back, the family pet, and/or Alaska.”

Regarding Indoctrination-2010/2/27

“Although you have to admit, or I have to admit, or something, that if someone told you ‘oh, the moon is where babies come from’ or something like that, you’d either have to be pretty superstitious, gullible, or told that all your life so you believe it.”

Insects Deliberately Alter the Environment-2010/1/21

“ANTS ARE LEARNING TO FARM, THEY’LL SOON BECOME INTELLIGENT LIKE HUMANS AND okay so technically they’re killing stuff, not growing stuff. Isn’t that what we do most of the time??? They just skipped the growing phase!”

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