Character Profile: Darmenzi

Name: Darmenzi
Species: Imagication
Setting: Anything
Sexuality: N/A
Microstories: So I Hear You Like Smug Assholes
Smug Bastard
Darmenzi has two things in abundance: confidence, and a desire to make everything miserable for everyone. While not all-powerful, Darmenzi acts like it and has enough power to usually back it up. They typically give a dapper outward appearance, one who speaks like a member of the aristocracy and who, subsequently, is better than anyone around them. They can be fast-talking, crack jokes, and by the time they’re done they’ve both called you the greatest genius in all the universes and insulted you, your family, everything you love, and the very idea that you could ever amount to anything.
And you’ll go right along with it.
Because they’ve promised you the world.
What you don’t realize is that world will be a charred ball of ash.
Agent of Chaos
Their goals usually amount to little more than playing with whoever they happen to come across, poking and prodding their life and mind to see how they can warp it, what might be the most fun way to ruin it. When they’re done they’ll find the most entertaining way to kill them and, perhaps, everyone close to them. Darmenzi has integrated into a society and risen in power for the sole purpose of destroying it from within. They’ve turned friends against each other and set off wars with the end goal of both sides destroying each other. And always through it they act as though they have the right, as if nothing could touch them to stop this.
Chaos. Chaos is always their end goal.
As for what Darmenzi actually is . . . Imagication. The source of magic—imagination. Darmenzi is composed of pure imagication, so in a way, they do not exist . . . but when an imagination is powerful enough, it can become magical, and that can bring imagination to life.
Unfortunately Darmenzi is a chaotically demonic result of this. And, look, it’s not my fault, not entirely, okay maybe it’s my fault, but I definitely paid for it when they destroyed my planet, so don’t drag me down further with blame!
In their base form, Darmenzi is nothing more than a smoky mist, but with enough focus they can direct their movement, consolidate into a crystalline form, and warp through space into other universes—this is how they first gained power.
Body Snatcher
When in their smoky form Darmenzi is unable to utilize most magic, but they are able to enter another body and possess them. That body is usually a living creature. Darmenzi then possesses the creature, taking over the body and infusing their own power into it. Any excess power of Darmenzi’s is crystalized; depending on the form they usually carry this in a staff. Most of Darmenzi is consolidated there and is their source; if they’re separated from the crystal they’ll be weakened, though still quite powerful.
The mind of the being Darmenzi possessed is locked away, though not destroyed, and for a time they’ll retain consciousness. After only a couple days (in Earth time), however, the mind will fade and body drained. Darmenzi’s magic will keep the body looking the same, but should they leave it will fall to the ground a dead husk.
Verk’lon Form
One of the bodies that gets around the most—but is least seen—is verk’lon, which is, well, you can read about it here, but take my word for it, it’s basically a tall chameleon on two legs. Darmenzi has all their normal abilities—space and time manipulation, destructive dark magic blasts, illusions, smug attitude, telekinesis, universal sensory, hypnosis, invisibility—okay, you know, it might be easier to just point back to the imagication. If you can imagine it, Darmenzi likely has that ability.
However, one unique ability to this form is transformation. While they can create the image that their appearance changes, Darmenzi can only change for real in the verk’lon body. This can involve a significant change in mass, dimension, and change in ability depending on what they change into. With this ability Darmenzi can blend into societies easier, such as taking a human form in human societies. They can also transform only part of them, such as changing their arm to a laser cannon or snake or hammer.
Crawber Form
After losing their verk’lon form Darmenzi eventually possessed a crawber. You can read more about that form here and in the book Darmenzihey, that name’s familiar! However, this form is only seen in the book Darmenzi. Probably.
Titanic Temper
Darmenzi is smooth, charming, smug, jovial, and smarmy . . . up until they get angry. At that point they become a raging volcano that will destroy everything in their path. Their rage will wipe out an entire planet if they are not restricted in some manner.
They’ll also drop the charming act if they get bored. At that point they’ll openly insult whoever was entertaining them before wiping them out.
Mind Control
Anyway Darmenzi can hypnotize and control minds. That’s what this section of the website is for, after all, right? They’re not going to do so nicely, though. Even if they do it softly at first, there’s going to be pain to deal with later. They’re not nice. They’re after something, and they’ll tear you apart to get it, and once they’re done with you they’ll leave you in shreds.
But maybe you’re into that.
Of course, with Darmenzi’s transformic ability, they could also turn into about anything you might desire. They can’t give you anything but misery, but in the moment, perhaps it will be too hard to resist.
The deal with the devil is made. But why not? There is no god.

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