April 2023 Microstory Collection is now up!

Uhh so I’m kind of very late here, by half a month, but I got the microstory from April up in a microstory collection.

When I started the collections I’d regularly have six microstories a month or even daily ones when I started, but as I’ve focused more on long form stories they’ve been more sparse. By the end of the year I may change it to a yearly microstory collection, though I don’t want to go that long with a microstory not being at an easy-to-find location. We’ll see!

April 2023 Microstory Collection

New snake microstory + new short story on Sponsus!

Before I get to the new short story I wanted to announce a new short story I was commissioned to write. It’s on my Sponsus for $3+ donators, and will go public in a week!


There might be another one coming by the time this one goes public, too!

Now for our feature presentation, by which I mean the new microstory I posted on Sponsus a few days ago. It places you in the jungle facing a snake that claims to be a famous masseur, or something, it’s hard to tell when you get caught by those eyes.

Deep Brain Tissue Massage
Content warning: non-con snake hypnosis, coils, intent of vore, also you’re given the role of someone angry at a friend

Up a tree, up a tree. Lost in the jungle and you’re up a tree. Is it actually safer up the tree than down below? Well, it can’t be more dangerous, right? As long as you and your friends don’t come to blows, anyway. You’ve wandered together all day in the jungle and at this point you can’t remember whose fault it is, and you’re pretty sure your friend can’t remember whose fault it is, but that hasn’t stopped either of you from blaming the other.

A good night’s sleep is what you both need. Maybe you’ll both feel more agreeable after that. Unfortunately, you don’t expect either of you to get it with the hard branch. What you’ll really need after this is a nice massage.

And so you and your friend sit up in an uncomfortable tree, still steamed at each other, when a snake drops from the canopy above in front of you. At first you glare at it and wave it away, but your heart flips when it speaks.

“Sssay, now, what do we have here?”

“A talking snake?” you whisper. You pat your face, wondering if you somehow managed to fall asleep and began dreaming.

“Yesss, indeed,” the snake says. “You look ssso uncomfortable up here, perhapsss I can help you get comfy.” It leans close and slides its body over your shoulders, but you shoo it off.

“Oh, go away, I’m trying to sleep here.” You roll your eyes when your friend groans.

“I’m trying to sleep too, you know,” they say. “Why don’t you go away so I can get some sleep.”

“Oh, no, no,” the snake whispers, “neither of you should go anywhere.”

You stare at the snake as it sways in front of you, its eyes glowing with a ring of blue and green, then green and yellow, and so on, pulsing in his eyes with a dazzling display.

“You sssimply mussst let me massssage you to sssleep,” he says, nodding and swaying his head. You follow, gaze locked to the snake’s hypnotic eyes. “I’m well-known among the denizensss of the jungle as the best massssager around.”

Your anger falls under relaxing fascination, the snake’s eyes rippling out over your vision as your eyes and movements mirror his, blue and green spreading over your eyes. Your focus narrows to the snake, pupils shrinking, tightening as new rings spread over your eyes, slow at first but speeding up as you stare deeper.

“Yesss, I always ssstart from the bottom up.” The snake slithers his tail behind you and curls over your legs, wrapping a coil around your hips and squeezing. With a spark you realize something is off, but you can’t lift your arms—the snake wrapped over your wrists and is snaking his way to binding your arms further.

You need to get out of this. You can’t stop staring and following the snake. You need help. You call out to your friend, anger forgotten as thoughts of danger and bliss fight in your head, but the snake shushes you before you mumble a full word.

“Please be sssilent,” he says. “Don’t ssspeak and disssturb the other patrons, pleassse.” He nods, and you nod with him. Yes. Don’t speak. Don’t disturb the other patrons.

The thought of other patrons confuses you, but the snake pulls your gaze in a swirling circle and that confusion subsides in favor of a general daze. The massage winds higher, coils squeezing your belly and grazing your chest as your arms sink halfway into the scaly pile.

“Feels gooood, doesssn’t it?” The snake chuckles as he pulls your gaze into a nod. “Now it’sss time for a deep tissue massssage.” He moves closer until his eyes are all you can see. “Let me hypnotize you deeper, deeper, and give your mind a sssublimely sssoothing deep tissue massssage.”

Your mind swims, overloaded with hypnotic colors. Half your mind believes you’ve wandered into a massage parlor and the other half is lost in a dark, swirling sea of empty thoughts. A tiny sliver continues to speak of danger, but anytime it speaks up the scales rising around you massage it into silence.

Deeper you sink into the snake’s hypnotic mind massage. Each thought swirls into oblivion, memories darkened, senses and feelings warped into bliss. The snake’s eyes draw your desires into his control until you desire only more colors, more coils, more control.

“Sssleep,” the snake croons. “Let me massssage you to sssleep.”

He wraps around your chest, coils over your legs and hips growing heavier as he winds higher, squeezing and massaging your upper arms and grazing his scales over your shoulders. He rises to pull your gaze up, lifting your head so he can slide his tail over your shoulders and knead you deeper under his spell. You sink into his scaly grip, hefty coils weighing you down, hypnotic colors weighing your mind, dropping you deeper, deeper, sleeper.

The snake wraps around your neck to massage it, all your skin from your neck to your thighs coated with squeezing, sublime scales. He tightens his coils, pressing you closer under his weight, and he wraps a second loop around your neck to hold you tight.

He wraps a third loop around your neck and squeezes tighter, forcing you to gulp. He chuckles.

“Want to make certain you don’t ssspeak up and disssturb the patrons.”

With one more possessive squeeze your mind falls, dropped into dark splashes of color coating your vision and your mind. You grin wide as pleasure fills your senses, no thoughts, only bliss.

The snake chuckles and lifts you behind the canopy foliage, and he turns to your friend with a hungry grin.

Time for their second customer of the evening, then settle down to a nice dinner.

March Microstory Collection and Sponsus Stuff!

Last month’s microstory collection is now up here! Snakes and jinn, both taking advantage of someone who can’t watch out for themself.

Meanwhile, I have a new microstory on my Sponsus! $3+ sponsors can read it now, and it goes public on Sunday. Not only that, but I’ve posted three polls for $3+ on there: one to choose which art I commission next, one to choose which character without art gets an art sheet next, and one to decide which video I focus on next. Pay me and decide my destiny!!!



Lasting in the Jinn World (hypnosis/jinn microstory)

Content warning: non-consensual jinn hypnosis, mind control, trickery, groping; also you’re put in the role of a character who doeSN’T RESPECT THEIR ELDERS???

You look out across the wispy landscape of sands and trailing vapor. You swear you can see a portal on the horizon. The sky is dim, its rainbow sun nearly set, but you’re certain you and the elder could make it to the portal before it’s too dark to see. You’d love to get out of that sand-infested world of the jinn. You’re certain any shortcut through it could be traversed in less than a day, but the elder chose caution.

It’s rare, she said, in that world of sand and smoke and wisps, to find something as solid as an outcrop of stone, let alone one with a nook under a cliff. As night falls the jinn become more brazen. The chance of encountering frisky one when out in the open is greater than hiding in a nook for the night.

For this reason, the elder tells you numerous times to climb off the outcrop and into the nook before a jinn catches sight of you. Yet you sit and stare at the portal you know is near, fuming.

Finally, you stand.

“You can stay here and get sand in your clothes all night, Elder,” you say, “but I’m getting back to our world where I can sleep on fresh grass, if not even find a real bed.”

The elder scoffs.

“Get down here before you hurt yourself. This is a dangerous place, and this is your first time here. You wouldn’t last an hour out there without someone experienced in this land to guide you.”

You glare down to where the elder’s voice comes from. You can’t see her, but you can imagine a mocking smiles. You step off the outcrop across the sand.

“I can look out for myself just fine,” you mutter. “I’ll shock that old pain by greeting her at the next village, far more rested than she’ll be.”

You scarcely take five steps when crimson smoke erupts around you. Smooth hands grab yours, skin as midnight blue as a black jaguar. A shapely form appears before you, a grinning face with long dark hair and eyes pulsing with light fuchsia and indigo backed by a darker, piercing burgundy.

“Now, now, your friend is right.” The jinn pulls you close, filling your gaze with her eyes as she presses you against her round breasts, much of them exposed save for a low-cut fiery top. “You wouldn’t last one hour out here.”

Your first instinct to pull away is muffled as you stare into her eyes, the colors swirling over your thoughts and trapping your attention. She hugs her strong arms around you and pins you against her as her smoke solidifies into wide hips. She twirls her silky crimson smoke around you.

“This land is very dangerous,” she says as she draws you deeper into her eyes and embrace. “At any time a sexy jinn could grab you and”—she twirls a hand over your back and grips your chin with her other—“hypnotize you into a mindlessly horny slave.”

Something about that statement sounds strange—familiar, somehow?—but your train of thought swirls around the jinn as she rubs her silky body against you. She curls her smoke in a tight embrace around your body and binds your arms and legs down. Your head fills with mist as the jinn’s smoke closes around you, her swaying head dragging your gaze in a circle, and you mindlessly gyrate your own body in response to the jinn’s movements, rubbing against her soft touch as she rubs you in all the right ways.

As the jinn’s silken tail wraps up your back she moves her fingers up your neck and behind your head, curling her fingers through your hair and pulling your head closer to her hypnotic eyes, the colors soaking your mind with enchanting bliss. She chuckles as she angles your chin in her hand to sneak a quick kiss, and her luscious lips leave you wanting more, sinking deeper into her grasp.

“But don’t worry, Gorgeous,” the jinn says. “I know this land, and I can be your guide.”

She sneaks another kiss as she presses closer around you, sneaking her silken smoke under your clothes to coat your skin. Your shoulders slump as she massages them with a new pair of hands. Her tail curls around your hips and between your legs, and she curls her hips around you and rubs her butt against yours.

“You’ll have to do something for me, first.” She chuckles as she pulls you closer to her lips. “You just have to let me hypnotize you into my mindlessly horny slave.”

With this command she kisses you deep on the lips, lingering as she subsumes you into her wispy embrace. Your mind fills with fog, the pulsing colors of her eyes drowning your thoughts. You grin wide and respond to the kiss with your own smooch, returning her love as she warps your mind out of your control. You sink under her power, no thoughts but her commands, mindless, empty, a willing slave to her lustful desire.

She strokes her hands and tail over your body, fondling you like a possession, while her hypnotic eyes stroke your mind. She surrounds you with smoke and warps you away into a private dimension, where she has all the fun with you she wants.

You won’t reach the village tonight, or tomorrow, but you still get to sleep on a bed, though perhaps not a real one.

Look Out For Yourself (snake/hypnosis microstory)

Content warning: non-consensual hypnosis and coils from a snake

You back up against the tree on the branch you planned to settle on for the night. The panther you hadn’t noticed until it stood an arm’s reach away stared at you, brows furrowed in what you might have thought was frustration if you didn’t assume it’s just sizing you up for a meal.

Oh, yes, great idea you had to camp out in the jungle alone. Prove to your friends you didn’t need their help, that you could look out for yourself. Now you were staring at the teeth of a hungry jungle cat. Of course cats can climb trees. Why did you think it was safe up there?

Your heart jumps as the panther seems ready to strike, but you blink as it seems to sigh instead.

“Why do you humans always insist on coming out here?” the panther asks. “The jungle is dangerous! That’s why you built villages!”


And that’s how you met Bagheera, a friendly panther who nevertheless is very tired of humans wandering into the jungle for some reason or another. Says he’s escorted a fair share of humans back to the nearest village and has never fathomed why they seem insistent on getting lost in the jungle. Still, he won’t turn on someone in need, and as he settles down to sleep on the branch says he would keep you safe and lead you to the village in the morning.

You tried to explain that you’d entered the jungle to prove you didn’t need help and you would stay out there as long as it took to prove it, but Bagheera just scoffs.

“Don’t be ridiculous, I’m sure there are much safer ways to prove that. This jungle is far too dangerous for a human. Why, there’s peril at every turn, even for me. It’s only my sharp senses that keep me safe.”

With that said he yawns and stretches onto the branch to sleep. You’re insistent that you’re capable enough to survive on your own out there, though.

“I’m not afraid,” you say. The back of your mind points out that you had in fact been terribly afraid moments ago when you encountered Bagheera, but you ignore that. “I’ve done thorough research.” Again, you apparently didn’t research the fact that cats can climb trees, but you continue ahead. “I know all about the jungle’s dangers, I can look out for—”

A rustling in the leaves above draws your attention up and you lose your train of thought. A grinning snake lowers from the leaves, watching you with pulsing eyes, a sea of green stealing your attention. A soothing sea green, an attracting light green, and a numbing dark green flows over the snake’s eyes in rings and you find yourself staring intently, deeply.

“My . . . myself . . . I . . .” You mumble as your thoughts derail. A warning wells in your mind that your research suggested it dangerous to look into a snake’s eyes, but the colors look so fascinating you want to stare—just for a little bit, at least, it can’t be too dangerous to just steal a glance.

“Oh, no,” Bagheera grumbles, “I’m not going to argue anymore tonight. Please, just go to sleep, human.”

“Yesss,” the snake hisses, slithering closer to give you a deeper look into her eyes. You instinctively back away as she moves closer, but she rises and you lean forward to stare closer. “Please, go to sleep, please, go to sleep.”

The snake sways before you, and you follow, side to side and in circles, gaze locked to her grinning eyes. You know you wanted to look out for yourself—that’s why you came to the jungle, wasn’t it?—was it? You feel so relaxed, a pleasant tingle shimmers through your eyes and into your mind, maybe what you really wanted was to find this snake to stare at. Just a little longer, at least, surely it’s still safe to enjoy these beautiful colors filling your vision, filling your mind.

These thoughts pass through your head as your wide eyes fill with colors, pupils shrinking as your eyes mirror the snake’s dazzling display. Green rings pass through your eyes, obscuring your vision and blurring the jungle, bringing only the swaying snake into focus as her soft words tickle your ears and swirl into your mind.

“Sleep little human,” she sings, circling her head to drag your gaze around and tire you faster. Her words sink into your mind and block your thoughts. “Ressst in peace.”

Sleep, sleep, sleep—this command fills your head as your mind slows. You find it hard to think, every thought preempted with the impulse to sleep. It is late, the evening has grown long, the evening has grown dark, you agree with the tumble of thoughts in your head that you should go to sleep.

You feel scales curl over your legs and around your hips, and long muscles squeeze around you as the snake wraps you up. A distant memory says it’s dangerous to continue to stare, and it’s certainly dangerous to let the snake wrap her coils around you, but you feel so sleepy, so dizzy, your eyes droop and all you want to do right now is go to sleep.

Maybe you’ll start looking out for yourself tomorrow. Right now, just relax and drift into a deep slumber. As the snake coils and binds your arms close and massages your back you begin to rationalize that it’s okay to keep staring.

It may not be any less dangerous, but that doesn’t matter.

The heavy coils drag your body and mind down, but that’s fine. You don’t need to think, you don’t need to move.

You aren’t looking out for yourself until tomorrow, so it doesn’t matter if you do something dangerous, like let a snake wrap you up tight and hypnotize you. Someone else can take care of it. You don’t need to worry about it. You don’t need to think about it. It’s someone else’s problem, you can just relax and enjoy the heavy hug squeezing around your chest and kneading your arms into jelly.

“Sleep,” the snake says, dragging your muddled head up and down, side to side, wearing your mind into senselessness. With each sway she grows closer, filling your gaze with her friendly grin and enchanting eyes.

“Sleep,” she hisses, printing the word on your mind, pressing you into mindless slumber as she presses your body into her coils, shoulders massaged by her squeezing scales, legs and arms squashed by her heavy tail slithering around you, scales massaging along your skin in constant swirling motion.

A tiny thought speaks of danger, but you ignore it. You’re not going to look out for yourself anymore, not until— The snake squeezes her tail around your neck, and you gulp, thoughts dissolving as she presses her will and coils against you. You’re not going to look out for yourself anymore, as you lose the very concept of a tomorrow from your mind. No more tomorrow, only the now, only the snake, only the coils, only her eyes, only sleep. No need to think, no need to plan, no need to look out for yourself.

The snake’s hypnotic spell snuffs out that last tiny thought, and you grin wide as her hypnotic colors flow through your eyes, pulse through your mind, all concept of danger lost to you. All that matters, all you want to feel, is the snake’s enchanting eyes and tight coils squeezing around your neck, over your shoulders, against your chest, down your arms, and gripping your legs.

You have no reason to look out for yourself. All you need is the snake’s wonderful embrace and beauty, and whatever she might have planned for you.