Darmenzi now on Wattpad

… for some reason!

Yeah Darmenzi is gonna be put up on Wattpad now. Only the intro and first chapter so far, I’m going to update that on a weekly basis until it’s caught up with this website in 3 or 4 months. So there’s no reason for anyone on this website to care unless you know someone who likes Wattpad so much that they’d read it there.

I have to say, though, not terribly impressed with my first impressions of Wattpad. Mostly from an author standpoint regarding editing details and such. To be fair as time goes on I’ve become less enthused by content editors–I’ve complained about the changes WordPress did a while ago, I’ve probably complained about Patreon’s (for all they’ve improved on it over time), now I can complain about Wattpad’s! Yaaaay! Meanwhile most forums I’ve been on (which isn’t a lot…) have pretty decent post editors, so, whatever, I don’t know.

As for the reader side of Wattpad, I’ve only read one chapter of something, and that was because it wasn’t on the writer’s blog due to reasons. It might be helpful in my quest to find other authors in the sea of indie starting out not-so-known that I’m in, but there’s a few straight-up sites/blogs/blaargs that I still want to look at and just haven’t gotten around to it because reasons, soooooooooooo. oh.

EDIT: Oh yeah and I’m CloudyCuckooCosmos there because, um, I think I tried Duth Olec or DuthOlec and it was taken? Somehow?? And yet doesn’t exist??? I don’t know.

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