Mini comic series coming in about a month (read: Pokemon)

The final chapter of Darmenzi releases in just over a week! We’ll see who survives and who is finished! This post isn’t about that but I just wanted to get that out of the way and also make sure everyone sees that first because it’s super important.

I’m still working on the third book Wandering Fortunes, but since I’m doing the dayjob now the time I have to work on it is really small. Last week I didn’t get any work done. I’m not sure if I even did the week before. Mostly that’s because on my days off I’ve had other things to do, but these next few weeks I plan to definitely get to work and finish chapter 6 so I can then proceed to not even bother with chapter 7 until I stop working again.

It turns out chapter 7 has a lot of stuff I need to rewrite and write in and add and stuff and so instead of going crazy trying to use what little time I have to do that, I’m going to point out that Pokemon Sun and Moon come out probably the week after I finish chapter 6 and I’m going to want to play that so I’m totally fine with putting actual work aside for then. But I’m going to want to continue to do some work.

At this point people who are interested in comics have said I have way too many words and have left.

Whenever I play a Pokemon game I end up giving my team members personalities. It just sort of happens. It probably comes with the author territory. I’ve considered doing comics about these playthroughs before, but whoops, I am terrible at art. And you know what? I don’t know if I care about that enough to not do this!



wait popplio actually came out okay. too bad i’m not using it.

This was actually doodled pretty quickly. That’s a lie, but anyway, I intend to make the actual comics look… well, not decent, but… well, not even halfway decent, but, you know, pres… yeah, no, I’m not even believing “presentable”. How about “like I tried”? I think maybe I could go for that. It’s done in MS Paint, you know.

As for the humans, the design is inspired by Justin Boyd’s Invisible Bread comics. I couldn’t do any more complex than that. I really have never liked stick figures, but I’m totally cool with making an actual body and turning the appendages into noodles. Hex, thyvaes from the CCC kind of coincidentally look like that, except the heads are smaller and square. Anyway, here’s the professor dude from Sun & Moon:


As soon as I drew that I realized I’m doing this and was making this happen. It just looks so silly. The comic will come around the time Pokemon Sun & Moon come out; whenever I get it and start it will then also start the comic. I don’t know if anything interesting or funny or good will come from it, but I do have a few possible ideas so there’s at least that. We’ll just have to see!

2 thoughts on “Mini comic series coming in about a month (read: Pokemon)

    1. I thought I mentioned it, but maybe I hadn’t decided yet, since I kind of still haven’t decided yet. I was thinking of just putting them on Twitter and then putting them all here at the end, but maybe I could just put them here too anyway. Actually I might put them on DeviantArt too, that seems like the sort of place something like this might go?

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